"Resist the devil, and he will flee from you"

All through the ages what is termed "the problem of evil" has perplexed mankind. What evil is, where it came from, and how it can be overcome are questions which have engaged serious thinkers down through the centuries. These thinkers have evolved theories attempting to give an explanation of evil's presence and a method for its annihilation. That such theories for the most part have been speculative, and therefore inadequate to deal practically with the problem, is evidenced by the want and woe, the misery, the sin and disease, which continue to be so apparent.

Christian Science has brought the solution to the problem of evil by showing its nothingness; for Christian Science teaches that God, good, is All. Therefore, to engage in a mental struggle with evil as real is not the Christianly scientific method of demonstrating its unreality. Ignorance necessarily vanishes in the presence of knowledge, as darkness disappears with the coming of light. In like manner the suggestions of evil are destroyed through the spiritual understanding of the infinity of God, good.

"Be ye kind"
September 9, 1939

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