In the year 1930 I married a Christian Scientist

In the year 1930 I married a Christian Scientist. I tried in every way possible to persuade her to give up her religion, which I thought was fallacious. However, she clung faithfully to it, and in the fall of 1933 I began to read The Christian Science Monitor. One evening I found myself catching cold. My wife said to me, "If you will read the Lesson-Sermon for this week in the Christian Science Quarterly you won't have any cold in the morning." She then showed me how to read it, and, sure enough, in the morning I had no sign of a cold. That was my first healing in Christian Science.

A short while after this our baby girl of about six months became ill. She was feverish, and we both became quite fearful. My wife said: "We had better call either a practitioner or a doctor. Which do you want?" I told her to call the practitioner, which she did. The relief came so quickly that I was startled. In about fifteen minutes our baby was better, and in the morning all signs of the fever had left. This awakened me to the fact that there was something in Christian Science after all. I began to study its teachings in earnest, going to lectures and church services, and visiting the downtown Reading Rooms each day to read the Lesson-Sermon.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science was brought into our home when I was...
September 9, 1939

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