Unity of the Christian Science periodicals

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN once said, "We do not appreciate the worth of water until the well runs dry." The writer recently had occasion to conclude that the quotation might be aptly applied to appreciation of the Christian Science periodicals. Starting on a journey, which was expected to last for several days, she was supplied with a copy of The Christian Science Journal, two Sentinels, and two copies of The Christian Science Monitor. The firstmentioned, requiring more careful perusal, lasted till the journey's end. The Monitors had been read by the end of the first day out. From then on, during the journey, the traveler was without reliable news of the day. It was at the time a war threat was hanging over Europe. The newspapers presented to her on the journey were of the sensational type, appearing with formidable headlines.

The traveler realized the great importance of keeping her thought calm and steadfastly allied to right, and she hesitated to run the risk of having her thought beclouded, at this time, when the very atmosphere seemed taut with excitement, with what might be regarded as exaggerated or distorted views. She therefore decided that the wisest course lay in waiting until she reached her destination to get her information from the pages of The Christian Science Monitor. It was with great joy that she purchased one from a newsboy in Boston. Never before had this student been quite so grateful for the news presentation in our great daily newspaper.

Good Is Now
March 11, 1939

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