Bible Notes

"Be pitiful, be courteous" (I Pet. 3:8)—The word rendered "pitiful" is more nearly represented in English by "compassionate or tenderhearted" (Thayer: Greek Lexicon, p. 262), while that translated "courteous" is literally "humble-minded" (ibid., p. 614). Moffatt renders: "You must have ... compassion, and humility;" and Goodspeed: "You must all be ... tender-hearted, modest;" while Weymouth (fifth edition) has: "tender-hearted, lowly-minded."

"Be careful for nothing" (Phil. 4:6)—The Greek verb translated "be careful" in this passage is rendered "take ... thought" in Matthew 6:25: "Take no thought for your life;" but in both instances a literal rendering would be, "Do not worry." Moffatt has: "Never be anxious."

Testimony of Healing
With joy and gratitude for the many blessings which...
February 11, 1939

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