"And he will flee from you"

The Apostle James wrote: "Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." Broadly speaking, yielding to temptation takes two forms: deliberately thinking and doing what is wrong, or failing to translate good resolutions into right actions. Temptation must be resisted in both thought and deed, and "the devil" flees before one who is obedient to divine Principle. Steadfast vigilance, braced by diligent practice, is surely blessed.

The injunction, "Cease to do evil; learn to do well." calls for our obedience in big and little ways. The tendency to get up late, for instance, in spite of a professed intention to rise early and greet the new day with eager study, new inspiration, fresh resolves, spiritual heights of communion with the one Mind, will not beguile us, provided we denounce this tendency in thought and renounce it in action. Weak acquiescence in the line of least resistance flees before vigorous obedience to spiritual demands. Purposeful energy characterizes true consciousness.

From the Clerk
February 4, 1939

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