The Place of Christian Science Organizations at University or College

[Written Especially for Young People]

Upon entering a university, a young student of Christian Science found a Christian Science organization and wondered why it was needed when a short distance from the campus there was a Christian Science church and also a Reading Room. As the school year progressed and he participated in the organization's meetings, took part in its activities, and ushered at its lecture on Christian Science, their place and need were revealed to him.

The college, although within the city limits, was a community in itself. It offered facilities for many of the phases of life: the educational, the social, the athletic, and the religious. Although tolerant of outsiders, it preferred not to have its activities directed by those who were not members of the university. Recognizing this, the Christian Science church cordially invited the students to attend its services and participate in its activities, but made no effort to sponsor Christian Science on the campus. If there was to be a time and a place at the university when and where "truth, uncontaminated and unfettered by human hypotheses" (Christian Science Quarterly, Explanatory Note) was to be revealed, the motivation and support must come through the students of the university. Thus it appeared to him that Mary Baker Eddy must have been divinely guided when, in addition to making provision for the formation of branch Christian Science churches, she made separate provision for Christian Science organizations at universities or colleges (Church Manual, Art. XXIII, Sect. 8).

On the King's Highway
October 16, 1937

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