It is with absolute sincerity and a heart full of gratitude...

It is with absolute sincerity and a heart full of gratitude that I express my appreciation of Christian Science. I am particularly grateful for the experience which led me to seek help earnestly through Christian Science. My husband had developed a streptococcic throat infection. From the beginning, doctors' directions were followed very carefully, and we were assured that everything that was known to do was being done, but instead of their improving, conditions became gradually worse, until, at the beginning of the fifth week of illness, the patient was placed in a hospital as an emergency case. By this time the doctors would make no statements concerning his condition, except to say he was a very sick man. Everything seemed utterly hopeless, and I realized I must turn for help to some other source than the material aids, which apparently were failing. It was then that I turned to Christian Science. One of the things the practitioner told me was, "Man's extremity is God's opportunity." As time goes on I appreciate this statement more and more. I was full of fear and anxiety for my husband's condition and expressed this to the practitioner. Early the next morning after I had sought her help, I awakened about two o'clock. I shall never forget the peace of mind and sense of security which I experienced. All thoughts of fear and anxiety had left me. Within twenty-four hours conditions were so much improved that my husband was pronounced out of danger and I was told he would live. When I think of the quick and permanent relief he had as soon as help was sought through Science, aided by the loving work and kindness of the practitioner, compared with the long period of suffering when relying on medical treatments, it is a revelation to me and a proof of God's tender care. I am not only very grateful for this healing, but most grateful to be able to realize the true source of his healing and to know that it was because of relying on God's help that my husband was spared.

And for another healing which he had, I again express my gratitude. Not long after the above-mentioned healing, an old ailment manifested itself. Always, up to this time, treatment for it had been surgery, and the common opinion is, I believe, that only surgery can correct such a claim. Given an opportunity to make his choice between surgical and Science treatment, he accepted Science treatment, and again a very quick healing was experienced. For this particular healing I am very grateful, for it helped me to know that no matter what the material aids for any ailment may be, whether medical or surgical, Science treatments can and do replace them very efficiently and effectively. I am very grateful to the practitioners who so kindly and lovingly helped in these healings.

I am grateful also for the teachings of Christian Science, and grateful to our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, for her gift to the world. I am grateful really to know and understand God, through the study of Christian Science, and to know, too, a sense of peace and happiness which is daily becoming mine in a bigger and stronger sense through the daily study of the Lesson-Sermons in the Christian Science Quarterly. I am grateful for the authorized Christian Science literature and for the far-reaching good it is doing.

Testimony of Healing
It has long been my desire to send a testimony to our...
October 16, 1937

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