"The unknown foe"

In her book "Retrospection and Introspection" Mary Baker Eddy writes (p. 31), "The first spontaneous motion of Truth and Love, acting through Christian Science on my roused consciousness, banished at once and forever the fundamental error of faith in things material; for this trust is the unseen sin, the unknown foe,—the heart's untamed desire which breaketh the divine commandments."

Mortals naturally put their trust in matter, in money, in position, the personal influence or charm of friends or of those in office. They place their faith in medicine, education, in physical sense testimony. Who has not found that these false trusts and material evidences fail in time of need? The error of faith in things material, however it may express itself, is what we must discard if we resolve to prove the truth of Christian Science and to experience its blessings. Having once turned away from this false faith, we should watch that we do not go back to it and wrap ourselves in it, when we need protection from the winds of adversity or the chill of mortal malice. Instead, we should seek Love's warm mantle of charity, which is ready, waiting for us to put on. We should examine ourselves often to see if this subtle sin, this "unknown foe," is at work to rob us of our fruitage, to delay our success.

Spiritual Consciousness Heals
January 30, 1937

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