In a recent issue a doctor is reported to have said...

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In a recent issue a doctor is reported to have said that Christian Scientists are among the "most cruel parents, who do not believe in pain." If he had consulted some of the most eminent physicians, he would not have made this mistake. It is well known that children's cases are constantly being successfully treated by Christian Science practitioners, in many cases after they have been declared to be hopeless by medical doctors.

Nowhere in the Bible is it recorded that Jesus ever gave drugs. Neither did he recommend obedience to so-called medical laws; but we read of his great love for children. Christian Scientists are striving to emulate the Master's love, and they have daily proofs that Christian Science protects children from the ravages of disease, which is the cause of so much suffering and unhappiness. Their children are normal, healthy, happy, and free; and the parents are kind and loving, manifesting a high sense of the obligations of fatherhood and motherhood. Moreover, Christian Scientists do not ignore pain; they overcome it.

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