With my first contact with Christian Science, I was impressed...

With my first contact with Christian Science, I was impressed by the fact that it was the religion of the Master. I did not begin to study it for healing, for at that time I knew of nothing which needed healing. I soon learned otherwise.

When as a child I attended a church of another denomination one block from a Christian Science church, I often wondered what attracted so many people to the Christian Science services while the attendance at the church of which I was a member seemed never to increase. When I was about fifteen an aunt received help from Christian Science treatment. A friend invited me to attend a Wednesday evening testimony meeting, and as time went on I attended quite regularly. I have since been healed of astigmatism, for which I wore glasses for fourteen years, and of mumps.

One outstanding demonstration I experienced occurred when I was having dental work done. The dentist had not completed his work when the side of my face began to swell. Another dentist to whom he sent me stated that three teeth were infected and that it would be necessary to place an icepack on my face; and since my jaws had by this time become locked and I found it possible to swallow only a very little liquid, it would be necessary to insert a tube between my jaws down my throat to allow food to reach my stomach. Needless to say, this was not done, but help was asked of a practitioner.

Testimony of Healing
It is with a very grateful heart that I wish to testify to...
January 9, 1937

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