Mother-Love in Government

There would seem to be individuals who like to be dictated to; they will avoid making a decision or following a definite line of action, and will gladly shift their responsibilities to the shoulders of anyone who shows inclination to carry this burden or to lead them along some particular road.

These people are not, certainly, among the world's thinkers, but appear in the rank and file of many a cause, be it political or religious, welcoming anything that carries them along on a wave of enthusiasm, whether it is a person, a cause, or a religious dogma. The important thing to them is that the governing factor shall be a form of dictatorship, something which will tell them what to do, and also what to think, for indeed it is a truism that thinking is a harder task than doing; and it is therefore avoided by the mentally drowsy and apathetic.

Progress can come about in human affairs only through individual right thinking, never through abrogating one's right to think for himself. Everyone will have to find this out sooner or later, and the sooner the better for each one and the whole world.

"Earth's preparatory school"
January 9, 1937

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