Christian Science comes to some individuals in the joy of...

Christian Science comes to some individuals in the joy of a holy experience, perchance snatching the sufferer from the very portal of death. To others the unfolding of Truth in consciousness is more gradual. For those whose journey may seem slow, I would testify to the enduring nature of the good which flows from God to the human consciousness through Christian Science.

Fourteen years ago Christian Science found me much confused concerning God and His creation, convinced of one thing, namely, that I could never believe in a God who visited pain and suffering upon His children. God who is Love, as revealed through Christian Science, was indeed a saving light. However, it was quite some time after beginning the study of our textbook, Science and Health, before I began to grasp something of the import of Mrs. Eddy's remarkable revelation of the true nature of God, and of the scientific relation of man to God. This revelation has brought me from a state of doubt, fear, pessimism, and irritability to at least a calm and compassionate love for mankind and a desire to do my part in bringing this light of Truth to a bewildered and heartsick world. While this evolution has been gradual, nevertheless it has been a source of joy and gratitude, thought perhaps not always expressed. I am convinced that I am a better husband and father, a better neighbor, and a better friend and brother, because of the change which Christian Science has brought about in my character. By reason of the truth which our Leader has revealed to a waiting humanity, the world is brighter to me, its cares are less appalling, and the future is more certain and no longer fearful.

Testimony of Healing
Like many others, I have at various times in my life...
August 22, 1936

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