In August, 1925, I was told by the doctor who was attending...

In August, 1925, I was told by the doctor who was attending me that medical science could do nothing further for me. I was a victim of acute neurasthenia with its accompanying ailments. Continual fear and dread of everything and everybody made living a torment. Only the knowledge that my three young children needed my care and attention made me carry on at all. I had always believed in God, and had great faith in prayer as I understood it then, but felt too despondent to hope for improvement. Just when things seemed at their darkest, Christian Science was presented to me by a neighbor. However, I was very skeptical about it, and did not read the literature she gave me. About a month later I had occasion to visit her home for a few hours, and during my stay there I had a sense of relief from the fear and dread that constantly had been with me.

On thinking this over later, I decided there must be something in this Science, so I agreed to see a practitioner and have help. At this time I was not able to go very far, my fears being too great, but I went to the practitioner's home, over three miles away, taking two street cars to get there. I shall never forget that first visit to her. It was wonderful. Very lovingly she told me of an ever-present God to whom I could turn any time and anywhere, and that there was nothing to fear, for He would take care of me at all times. When I heard this a sense of comfort stole through my confused thinking, and I went home feeling that at last I had something to hold on to. After the third treatment I walked home—a distance of more than three miles—feeling as though I were walking on air, and filled with a peace that "passeth all understanding."

The fears were not overcome all at once, but as I read and studied the Bible, together with Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy, other healings took place. Blood poisoning was healed in a few hours with help from a friend; a scurvy condition of the scalp vanished within a fortnight after being evident for eighteen months; insomnia disappeared through persistent study of Proverbs 3:24, and lines 3 to 12 on page 61 of "Retrospection and Introspection" by Mrs. Eddy; and palpitation was also healed. These healings occurred in England. Since then my family and I have settled in Canada, and many healings have taken place, some with the loving, patient work of a practitioner, others with our own understanding; among them healings of whooping cough, measles, influenza, scarlet fever, ivy poisoning, chicken pox, shingles, nasal catarrh of many years' duration, gastric ulcers, and inflammation of the bladder; also the fear of being in a crowd or a large building has been overcome.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has brought so many blessings into my...
March 28, 1936

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