What Can I Do for Peace?

FACED with much talk of "wars and rumours of wars," the right-minded person is concerned with what he can do as an individual to help prevent the recurrence of the scourge of war. The futility of war to end war is becoming apparent to many, and, as the result of awakening thought the world over, there is appearing a greater willingness to seek ways and means to eliminate the evils that cause war.

"In time of peace prepare for war" has long been the cry of fear, the urge of militarists and of those who profit commercially from the warfare. But men are learning that their preparation should be for the prevention of war. In vastly increasing numbers, they are coming to see that for the nations to continue to arm competitively or aggressively is not the remedy for war, and they are more willing to "let it rather be healed," as urged by the writer of Hebrews. Certain it is that the greed, envy, hatred, selfishness, pride of conquest, and injustice which lead to war must be destroyed in order that the nations may dwell together in peace and security.

Spiritual Power
January 4, 1936

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