For several years I searched many books, including those...

For several years I searched many books, including those on theosophy and astronomy, for an understanding of a higher power which I thought must be at the back of all, but I became only more perplexed. Nearly twenty years ago I was staying with a Christian Science practitioner who offered me some Christian Science literature, which I refused, being prejudiced, though I knew nothing about it. However, when she invited me to go to a service, I went because she was my hostess. I have always remembered the peace which came to me at that service, and for which I continued to seek through material means in vain. It was nearly ten years later that Christian Science literature was offered to me again. This time I accepted a Sentinel, which I found most comforting and cheering. Later a copy of Science and Health was lent me. On reading it I knew it contained the truth for which I had been searching.

During the first two or three months of study I was healed of smoking cigarettes, a habit which I had desired to give up in obedience to our Leader's teaching (Science and Health 406:28, 454:1). I came home one day suffering from a headache and fatigue, and as usual took up a cigarette, thinking it would make me feel better. As I struck the match, the thought came to me, You are relying on a material remedy. I immediately put it away, and not only was I healed of headache and tiredness, but the desire for smoking left me, for which I was very grateful. I have since been healed of the desire for alcoholic drink.

Testimony of Healing
Six years ago, when I was given up by doctors, my family...
May 11, 1935

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