What Is Thy Need?

Has not everyone felt in his experience that he is in need of something that would bring to him a greater sense of harmony and true satisfaction? For centuries, because of its lack of an understanding of the infinitude and all-inclusiveness of God, suffering humanity has been striving and seeking to gain material riches, which it feels are necessary for the making of happiness, ease, joy, and contentment. The material senses suggest that accumulation of wealth, a certain amount of prestige, and enough fame to make one socially popular are necessary to ensure unlimited happiness, permanent prosperity, and satisfying friendships. The results of this fleeting, material outlook upon life have been periodical depression, wounded hearts, disappointment, want and woe, sickness and death.

How inspiring it is to know that Christian Science, through its revelation of man's oneness with God, shows the way out of all this seeming discord! It proves to mankind that its important need is not the gaining of worldly riches, material affections, and pleasure in matter, but that its great and only need is the gaining in the understanding of true spiritual riches, those riches which our heavenly Father is ever pouring forth to all. Such riches are found in kindness, compassion, humility, mercy, justice, and numerous other divine qualities.

Concerning Appreciation
March 9, 1935

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