Tasting Heaven

IT is generally admitted that mortals are seeking happiness. Many religious teachers and preachers throughout the ages have pointed to a blissful existence beyond the grave; and evil belief has promised its deluded victims happiness on this earth if they will but yield to its suggestions. Many have yielded to the arguments of evil and found by experience that it is a deceiver. These disappointed ones may still be seeking in a wrong direction and by futile means to taste of true happiness.

The adherents of Christian Science have found that Mary Baker Eddy, the author of their textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," has given a definite rule for happiness. On page 263 of this book she says, "When mortal man blends his thoughts of existence with the spiritual and works only as God works, he will no longer grope in the dark and cling to earth because he has not tasted heaven." The possibility of entering heaven now is thought-arousing. It takes heaven out of the realm of the future and shows the possibility of present happiness. By this statement Mrs. Eddy shows us that human beings may taste heaven here and now through a spiritual faculty, an ever-active faculty of divine Mind. Speaking of Mind, Mrs. Eddy says in "Unity of Good" (p. 25): "It sees, hears, feels, tastes, smells as Mind, and not as matter. Matter cannot talk; and hence, whatever it appears to say of itself is a lie." The real senses do not belong to matter. Through Christian Science thought rises to the altitude of perceiving that the real senses belong to Spirit, and are perpetually active spiritually; that all true faculties are attributes of Mind.

"Walking, and leaping, and praising God"
November 9, 1935

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