A writer whose article, "Religious Truths," was printed...


A writer whose article, "Religious Truths," was printed in the November 16 issue of the Nonpareil, spoke correctly and kindly of Christian Science as having overcome every obstacle of opposition which had been cast in the way of its progress so that, as he willingly declared, "it came through victorious and is now beyond the power of anyone to crush or even harm it." His gracious acknowledgment of the secure and permanent position Christian Science now occupies throughout the world is so genuine in expression that his further comment was evidently made without due consideration of its import; for he added, "It would be foolish to claim, however, that this teaching contained all the truth, for such is not the case." I should like therefore to submit to your readers the following statements to show that Christian Science cannot be said to contain only a partial truth, as was intimated by your contributor.

Just as mathematics sets forth the science of numbers in its fullness, so Christian Science, being the Science of Christianity, contains all the truth about God and His creation, including man. This is self-evident when it is considered that Christian Science is based on the Bible, and that there is no part of this religious teaching which does not have Scriptural authority.

November 9, 1935

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