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Out of deep gratitude I should like to give the following...

Out of deep gratitude I should like to give the following testimony. After returning home from a Christian Science service one evening in summer, I became absorbed in a copy of a lecture which had been given me as I was leaving the meeting. The subject was, "Christian Science: The Unity of Law and the Gospel." The following passages in this lecture held my attention particularly: "Christian Science shows that we must obey His laws and that those very laws, when obeyed, will render the so-called forces of evil and disease utterly powerless, and will reveal man held eternally in the law of Life, Godl" and, "To gain dominion over disease you must understand that it has absolutely no law to support it. Whatever has no law to support it has no order and no continuity. It is utterly false. To see disease as false and lawless enables you to speak with authority to it."

As I reached this Passage, my husband asked me to go for a walk with him. On the way back I fell and dislocated an upper arm. My husband picked me up and asked me to try to move the arm or at least the hand, but I found it impossible to do so. The arm hung limp and felt as heavy as lead. In my first sense of fear I remembered two previous instances when the same thing had occurred. A few years previously my right arm had been dislocated. It was necessary to go to the doctor at once, and it was months before I could again use the arm, after having to do several painful exercises. A few years later I again dislocated the arm. I had to go to the clinic immediately; the sleeve of my dress was cut off and after they had given me an anesthetic the arm was set. Afterwards it was still very painful, and a long time passed before I could move my arm again without pain. The doctor told me at that time that I must be very careful, for the ligaments had been strained, and in case of a fall the arm would be thrown out of joint again and I should have to go to the clinic at once, for without an anesthetic I should be unable to stand having the arm set.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has been my only help for twelve years
November 9, 1935

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