World Problems

INDIVIDUALS in general are inclined to view world problems as something apart from and outside their own experience. Nations being made up of individuals, however, national consciousness is the expression of individual thinking in the aggregate. How necessary, then, that we examine our mental attitude toward all national and world problems! We should be alert and insistent in holding thought steadfastly to the spiritual facts of being as taught in Christian Science, namely, that God is All-in-all, the one Mind or Spirit, infinite good, the only cause of all that exists; that He includes within Himself all power, all presence, and all knowledge. Since this is true evil in any form is without reality or power.

If we allow apathy and inertia to becloud our view, we are not doing our part in forwarding the healing of the world's fear and confusion, and in solving those world problems which can be solved only by the realization of the omnipotence and omnipresence of God.

Remembering Good
September 15, 1934

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