Overcoming Difficulties

The Christian Scientist has great faith in the power of God to deliver him out of his difficulties. With Jesus he can declare with confidence, "With God all things are possible." What enables the Christian Scientist to have this faith in Deity? His understanding of God and of His creation, man. Christian Science has taught him that God is infinite good, omnipotent and omnipresent Mind or Spirit; that man coexists with God as His idea, and that in consequence the real man is indestructible, immortal. Moreover, Christian Science has shown him that since God is infinite good, there is no reality in evil, and that therefore no difficulty which may present itself has any real existence. Thus the Christian Scientist learns how to put himself on God's side, not on the side of evil; and by holding fast to divine truth and admitting neither presence nor power to evil he overcomes his difficulties, solves his problems.

If the difficulty be disease, can it be overcome in the way indicated? someone may ask. It can. Disease is a form of evil. And since it is a form of evil it cannot be real. To put it differently, God who is altogether good—perfect—is not the author of anything imperfect; but disease is a state of imperfection, therefore disease does not exist as reality. What those apparently suffering from disease should see is that their real self, which is spiritual, is the reflection of God, and thus is perfect, entirely free from anything with the stain of imperfection upon it. They should affirm, and persist in affirming, this great truth, and through it deny that sickness is any part of true consciousness. In this manner they will vanquish the false belief of disease and be healed.

True Happiness Helpful to Healing
July 7, 1934

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