Steadfast Adherence to Truth

Christian Science reveals the absolute truth about God and His creation; that is, about real being. It makes the nature of the creator and His creation so plain, indeed, that a child can understand its teaching. One of the outstanding features of Christian Science is that it leaves the honest student in no doubt as to fundamental spiritual truth. It takes him out of the region of mere human conjecture into the actual realm of spiritual reality; and he is certain of this because he is able to prove or demonstrate the truths which Christian Science imparts to him.

What are some of the fundamental truths which Christian Science reveals? First of all, it makes known the true nature of the one God as infinite Life, Truth, Love, Principle; as infinite Mind or Spirit; as infinite good. From this declaration of God's nature it never departs. And what a tremendous revelation it is! For not only does it determine for us how we shall regard God, but it also gives us the clew to the nature of God's creation—the real creation.

Choosing the Good
March 11, 1933

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