A Blessing for Everyone

[Written Especially for Young People]

How often one's spoken thought begins with the words "I want"! And how often the "want" is a transient, material desire, perhaps a good desire from a human standpoint, but not one to bring unalloyed blessings! Perhaps this desire is for a higher academic education; perhaps it is a longing to spend a vacation at a given time or place; perhaps it is a wish that one might prove attractive to another person or persons.

In so far as the desire is good, it merits some measure of approbation. However, let us consider these human desires from a spiritual point of view, and ask ourselves a question in regard to them. Are we desiring this objective from a purely selfish standpoint, or is it going to benefit others, particularly those who will be affected in its execution? If considered in the light of bringing a blessing to everyone in connection with the fulfillment of the desire, then our longings will be lifted higher. If we are listening for the voice of Truth, we shall be enabled to know whether it is altogether wise that our wish be carried out, or whether it should be abandoned. Under all circumstances it should be left to God's directing. When left with Him, whatever the desire or problem to be worked out, the solution will be far better than anything we could plan; and it will bring a blessing to everyone concerned.

My Father Called
March 11, 1933

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