In March, 1924, when our baby was two months old, I...

In March, 1924, when our baby was two months old, I had a severe nervous breakdown. I felt suddenly that I had been called upon to die. Every day the condition grew worse, until I was down to ninety-eight pounds in weight. I had always relied on my mother, who is a physician, and when I saw that she was really worried I was more fearful than ever. It was only through God's dear love that I managed to get through those days at all. This went on for about three months until I could stand it no longer. Medicine did not help and nothing gave me any satisfaction.

Finally in desperation my husband, who was not a Christian Scientist, said he would give any amount of money needed if I would call his aunt, who was a Christian Scientist, and ask her how to find a practitioner. The next day I went to see a practitioner and was healed instantaneously of all my trouble. I was so happy when she told me that Jesus worked and submitted to the crucifixion only to prove to us that man is spiritual and not material. I bought the Christian Science textbook on the way home, and read it constantly. It contained everything I wanted to know. I gained weight at the rate of two pounds a day until my normal weight was reached. Another healing which I should like to mention took place when our boy was two years old. He was playing in the garage next door, and there he found a pint bottle half full of gasoline which he drank, thinking it was water. The owner of the garage found him and brought him home writhing in agony. After telling her that he would be all right, I carried him into the house and shut the door, as I wanted to be alone. I tried to reach a certain practitioner, but she was not at home, so I thought to myself, "All right, God is right here." I sat down and held the child in my arms and gave him a Christian Science treatment. In five minutes he was absolutely free from pain and was resting peacefully. When his father came home we had dinner. About one hour later he vomited the gasoline. From then on he was entirely normal in every way.

Testimony of Healing
It is sincere love and gratitude for Christian Science...
October 7, 1933

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