Having been requested by a correspondent of your esteemed...

Stockholms Tidningen

Having been requested by a correspondent of your esteemed newspaper to write a few words with reference to the much discussed theatrical play "In the Beginning was the Word," I gratefully take this opportunity to do so. To the extent to which the play urges people to study the Word more profoundly and to make more fervent efforts to gain a higher understanding of the teachings of the Bible with the object of becoming able to apply its teachings in daily life, to that extent the production of this play is of lasting benefit.

Nobody can doubt that Christ Jesus gave these commands: "Heal the sick," "Raise the dead." These commands concern each one of his followers in all time. Sooner or later a larger understanding must be gained as to how Jesus performed his mighty works, in order that his commands may be obeyed. Someone has said that miracles cannot really occur, for either that which is called a miracle never happens or it follows a definite law; it only seems to be a "miracle" to those who know nothing about this law. History shows that, during the greater part of the first three hundred years of the Christian era, such miracles or works—proving the faith of the Christians—were performed in the same simple manner in which Jesus himself performed them. In the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles as well as in the Old Testament many such signs are recorded.

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