The Promise of Christian Science

In the measure in which it is now available, it has taken long centuries for spiritual truth to reach human consciousness; for the revelation of the truth about God and man, God's image, to reach humanity. And men have had to struggle hard and bravely throughout the years to keep their religious convictions, for the skeptic has always been at hand to ridicule and the tyrant to persecute. But today, in spite of every obstacle to spiritual progress, the truth discovered by the prophets and spiritual seers of the past remains to bless mankind, oftentimes bringing to them a great measure of comfort and joy. And no system of religion among the many known to the sons of men promises more to humanity than does Christian Science, the Science discovered by Mary Baker Eddy.

How can it be said that Christian Science promises great things to mankind? An answer might be that its teachings are demonstrably true; that is to say, all who understand its teachings may put them to the test for themselves and prove them. For example, Christian Science enables all who in a degree apprehend its teachings, and possess the Christ-spirit which it inculcates, to heal the sick and the sinning—indeed, to destroy all manner of evil. Think what this must mean to those who have been struggling, perhaps long, with the ills incidental to mortal existence! How vain, probably, have been their endeavors along material lines! How inadequate the material systems they have tried! For not a single material remedy ever proposed by men has had more than a passing day. It has come perhaps raising high hopes, only to slip away into speedy oblivion. Men and women have got used to this kind of thing; so much so, that it seems almost impossible for many of them to believe that a reliable scientific religious system exists which is able to impart knowledge adequate to the meeting of every human need. Thus, they are often skeptical of Christian Science until they have looked into its teaching without bias.

Worship and Dedication
June 18, 1932

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