I suppose there comes into the life of everybody, sooner...

I suppose there comes into the life of everybody, sooner or later, some experience that is almost too intimate, too deep, for expression. Such an experience was mine five years ago, when, after many months of neurasthenia in one of its most serious forms, given up by the doctor as the worst case of its kind that had ever entered his experience, and despaired of by all who loved me, I found my way to the office of a Christian Science practitioner. There I poured out all my troubles, broken-hearted, distraught, and deranged in mind. That same afternoon release from all my bondage began. Penetrating the veil of suspicion and distrust of what I thought Christian Science to be, although seeking its help, the purity and love reflected by that practitioner reached my heart. I went home having found hope. Through treatment and loving help that hope was kindled into faith, and faith developed into understanding. I was healed. For release from physical and mental agony I was indeed grateful; but, oh, the joy when I began through study to glimpse a little of the meaning underlying my healing! I was beginning to know my real self—not material, nor subject to the cruel bondage of material laws, but the spiritual child of a loving Father-Mother God, who, as Mrs. Eddy says in "No and Yes" (p. 30), "pities our woes with the love of a Father for His child,—not by becoming human, and knowing sin, or naught, but by removing our knowledge of what is not."

Christian Science has made me love the Bible as nothing else could; its precious promises were proved when I was healed. Their beauties were translated through Christian Science into practical truths that met my needs. My heavenly Father had known what I had need of before I asked Him, and His grace had indeed been sufficient for me.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has bestowed upon my family and...
June 18, 1932

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