I took up the study of Christian Science for healing;...

I took up the study of Christian Science for healing; but while receiving many proofs of its healing power, the health and strength which I desired were not manifested, although I had help from practitioners when I felt I could not continue alone. Much fear was overcome, however, and I never doubted the truth and efficacy of Christian Science. I finally determined to have help until health was realized. When I had been under treatment for nearly a year, seemingly growing worse, becoming depressed and so nervous I could scarcely endure the rustle of a newspaper, I became very ill with a so-called incurable disease. While the suffering was intense, and I was brought to the very brink of the grave, at no time, however, was there a thought that I might not get well. I was able to be about in six weeks, but complete recovery was slow, and there were many battles with the fear that the trouble might return. This statement in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy (p. 74) was a great help: "In Christian Science there is never a retrograde step, never a return to positions outgrown;" also one from an article in a Sentinel: "When the mental condition which caused the disease has been destroyed, the disease cannot return." This healing of cancer took place seventeen years ago. There has been no return of the difficulty, and I am experiencing better health than I have ever known.

I am very grateful to Mrs. Eddy, who gave us the truth which makes such healings possible; to the dear practitioner who stood so firmly; for Mrs. Eddy's writings and for the periodicals, which have made the Bible understandable to me. I am also grateful for class instruction.

Testimony of Healing
Every day I am more and more grateful for the revelation...
April 9, 1932

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