[Written Especially for Children]

"Hide" and "Seek"

THERE is, perhaps, no game more popular among children than hide and seek. How joyous it is to think quickly of places in which to hide, and how difficult not to laugh when the seeker comes quite close to us and has to go away again without finding our hiding place because we have hidden so well!

Now these words "hide" and "seek" are frequently used in the Bible, and they can be used in the study of Christian Science. So perhaps the game will serve as a helpful illustration of "hiding" and "seeking" in their higher meanings. For when we are able to hide in God, we shall be able to recall many times when error tried to do the seeking, and we were able to laugh joyously because we were so well hidden in the truth that error could not find us.

"And after the wind"
April 9, 1932

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