The Spiritual Real Man

Nothing is comparable in importance with an understanding of the true nature of God and man, and of the relationship which exists between them. This understanding, which, as the Bible shows, has come to mankind gradually, culminates in the teaching of Christian Science. It owes its value chiefly to the fact that through it men can discern between the real and the unreal—between good and evil, Truth and error, Spirit and matter—and, thus distinguishing, are able to reject the false and retain the real as true consciousness. And in this manner healing is brought about in Christian Science practice.

What, then, is the understanding which Christian Science gives of God and man and of the relationship existing between them? This Science teaches that God is infinite as Spirit, Mind, Principle; that He is the one and only cause or creator, and that man is the idea of Mind. As the truth about God and man is discerned, the relationship between them stands revealed; and it is seen to be an inseparable relationship, one which has always existed and which must continue to exist forever. And what could better express this eternal relationship than the words "Father" and "son," or "Father-Mother" and "son," terms which are frequently used in Christian Science?

June 20, 1931

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