We have depended upon Christian Science in our home...

We have depended upon Christian Science in our home for sixteen years. In that time we have had many proofs of its efficacy in physical healings, protection in time of danger, help in business problems and in moral and spiritual growth. When quite a child, our elder boy, who had been attending the Christian Science Sunday School for more than a year, was attacked one day by a vicious dog, which seized him by the arm and threw him down. He told me afterward that he had time only to say "God!" but it was enough. The dog let go, and left him, uninjured. While riding his bicycle in a crowded city street a few years later this same child was run down by an inexperienced driver. Again he turned instinctively to God for help. He was thrown under the automobile in such a way that he entirely escaped injury. The driver was so distressed that she insisted on paying for the repairs on the bicycle. She also wished to take the boy home, but he refused, declaring that he was all right; and this was true.

Our younger son was instantaneously healed of croup. A case of smallpox was beautifully healed by a practitioner; there was no contagion, and there were no resulting scars. There have been other healings in our home, among them the healing of pneumonia, acute inflammatory rheumatism, influenza, measles, mumps, and other so-called children's diseases.

God is Spirit
November 29, 1930

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