The Immediacy of the Power of God

One of the outstanding facts in the Bible is the immediacy with which God's power is demonstrated when the law of God is understood and correctly applied. Throughout the Scriptures are instances which show conclusively that time is not a factor in the healing work which to-day, as centuries ago, characterizes genuine Christianity. In the New Testament there are many instances where the word "immediately" is used in connection with the various healings brought about by Jesus' understanding of the divine Principle, Love, which "healeth all thy diseases," thus proving that "the word of God is quick, and powerful." Christ Jesus understood God to be ever present and His law to be ever operative. With this understanding he overcame material sense testimony as to either time or distance; hence the many instances where we read that "immediately" the healing work was done.

On one occasion Jesus, walking on the water towards his disciples who were in a ship, entered the ship, stilled the raging storm which had caused the disciples to toil "in rowing," and "immediately" the ship reached the land whither the disciples were bound. When on the cross, Jesus said to one of the thieves crucified with him, "To day shalt thou be with me in paradise." Never did Jesus recognize any other time than the eternal now. Because of this understanding it was possible for him to demonstrate and prove God's power immediately.

November 29, 1930

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