The student of Christian Science is engaged in gaining an understanding of his God-given dominion over the adverse conditions of human existence and in demonstrating that dominion. Sometimes, through lack of a clear comprehension of the nature and value of persistence, he may fail to win the complete reward of his efforts. He may even confuse right persistence with human will-power, and, the latter being erroneous, be deceived into losing his grasp on persistence. But if one's efforts are right, they are inspired by God and are guided and blessed by Him; and so no one need fear to persist in a righteous cause. An expression used by Paul in his epistle to the Romans, "patient continuance in well doing," furnishes an excellent example of the application of persistence.

God is eternal; His ideas are always active; His laws are always governing them; His love never languishes. Man, reflecting God, expresses the eternal activity of God, and, in so doing, is properly and divinely persistent. In this process of divine reflection human will has no place. Human will is of the so-called carnal mind; and, according to belief, it is capable of evil. Persistence in the right is of the divine Mind, is an expression of God, good, and can result only in good.

Man, the Image of God
October 4, 1930

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