I wish to give thanks to almighty God for a proof I have...

I wish to give thanks to almighty God for a proof I have recently received of the wonderful healing power of Christian Science.

I had been working in the garden, and on stopping to rest threw myself down carelessly on to a ground sheet which had been spread on the grass. My leg twisted under me and for a moment I experienced a sensation of pain so intense that I was on the point of fainting, and should have done so had I not immediately affirmed that the sensation could be met and overcome by knowing the truth that God is all-powerful and ever present. The declaration was made as I rolled over on to my side. I straightened my leg, with the sensation of a joint slipping back into place. Then I got up and walked down the lawn, stiffly, but without intolerable discomfort. I continued working in my garden all the morning, and in the afternoon played three sets of lawn tennis. On previous occasions similar experiences had required lengthy periods of convalescence. The healing here described took place immediately.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has changed my life entirely; it has...
October 4, 1930

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