It is with sincere gratitude that I give this testimony of...

It is with sincere gratitude that I give this testimony of the happiness and the healings that have come to me in the past four years through an understanding of Christian Science. My first healing came through reading "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. For many years I had smoked cigarettes excessively, often trying to give up this habit but without success. My husband and family begged me to stop, but it seemed to be impossible. When visiting a family I had not seen for several years, I noticed a change in the home and was told that it was due to Christian Science. I realized then that I too wanted that change and some of the love and happiness expressed in this family. This was on a Sunday. The following Wednesday I went to a noon-hour testimonial meeting at a Christian Science church, and that evening I attended another testimonial meeting at a near-by church. The next day I visited the Reading Room and borrowed Science and Health. I read the book constantly and was very happy.

During this time I was smoking cigaretts with no thought of stopping, but attended the Sunday services and Wednesday testimonial meetings. This continued for two weeks when, after returning from a Wednesday night meeting, the thought came to me while reading Science and Health, How can you smoke and read this wonderful book at the same time? I was ashamed! The following morning, as usual, I had a cigarette but did not seem to enjoy it; it was the same with the second; and at the third trial I found I could not smoke: I had lost the desire. I cannot tell in words what joy came to me at that moment. I wanted to tell everyone about this experience, for I was indeed happy. My family also shared some of my joy in this healing. I shall never cease giving praise to God and Mrs. Eddy for Christian Science. This happened over four years ago and the desire to smoke has never returned.

Hour of Prayer
October 4, 1930

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