Health, the Consciousness of Harmony

In teaching that God, divine Mind, is infinite good, and that man is the image or reflection of Mind and therefore expresses unlimited good, Christian Science is doing more for the health of mankind than any other agency in the world to-day. For what does it mean, this great truth of God's infinite goodness? That harmony is real, and inharmony unreal! In other words, that all that is good and harmonious is real, but that sin, sorrow, suffering, disease, lack—evil in every form—is unreal.

From what has just been said it is evident that man, the real man, who is God's image and likeness, must be in the perpetual enjoyment of perfect harmony. There can be no getting away from this great spiritual fact. The material senses may argue persistently to the contrary, but the truth remains that man, the perfect reflection of perfect Mind, can know naught but harmony or health. Being God's reflection, he cannot express aught but the divine qualities, in which there is not a trace of anything imperfect or inharmonious.

October 4, 1930

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