In the parable of the two houses, the one built on the rock and the other on the sand, Jesus gave an illustration of material mutability and spiritual immutability. Metaphysically, rock typifies changeless Truth, and sand the shifting theories of matter. Through regarding materiality as the creator and controller of life, health, intelligence, and even of happiness, mankind in general dwells, in belief, in a state of temporality instead of perpetuity, and thus is apt to express pitiful variableness and inharmony.

Through the centuries much earnest research has taken place, and many theories regarding the nature of substance have been put forward; but as one after another is found to be incomplete or contradictory mankind finds itself, through this very elimination, nearing the realization that "other foundation can no man lay than that is laid." This foundation is imperishable Spirit; and the substance of Spirit is obviously incapable of being a medium for sin, pain, disease, or death. This fact should reassure and heal those who have believed themselves the victim of some stubborn infirmity supposedly expressed through what is termed matter.

October 4, 1930

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