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The Christian Science Monitor

[Mrs. Lora C. Rathvon, in an address given in Boston, Massachusetts, before The Christian Science Monitor Advertising Committees]

Serving God and glorifying Him are incumbent upon all Christian Scientists, whether their work is healing the sick, caring for a house, building up a business, soliciting advertising for our Monitor, or working in support of it. There is much implied in the phrase "glorifying God" which applies not alone to thoughts of gratitude. Paul admonished us to glorify God in our bodies. We find this definition of the verb "glorify": "To make glorious by bestowing glory upon." According to that we can glorify God only as we strive to reflect Him in all we do, as well as in our thinking and our words. Thus we glorify God by reflecting honesty, patience, perseverance, faith, courage, unity; by the understanding and demonstration of His omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience.

However material and insignificant our task may seem to be, we can transform and elevate it from mere drudgery to an instrument for service which not only will give evidence of proficiency but will remold character and bring us closer to that goal of perfection which the Master set before the world. When one can do an inconspicuous act of service and rejoice in the action, then he may be assured he can serve before men and not lose hold of God's hand.

"The fact concerning error"
September 28, 1929

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