Christian Science, the Religion of Loving

As mortals come into some knowledge of Christian Science, and are willing to open their hearts to its marvelous revelation of Truth and Love, their lives are touched and transformed. Yet, as Mrs. Eddy says in "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 15): "The new birth is not the work of a moment. It begins with moments, and goes on with years." And, as she has shown, it is to be born again of incorruptible seed, to be born into an abiding sense of love for God and man.

This love will urge us to go forth to heal the sick and bind up the broken-hearted. This love will show itself in patient holding to the truth in the face of what may seem to be overwhelmingly contradictory sense-testimony. It will be manifested in deeds of tender consideration for the welfare of others, in habitual thoughtfulness for the human needs of those in one's environment, whether as neighbors or employees. If a Christian Science student fails in these ways to demonstrate Christian Science, it is because he is not being truly "born again." To the loving mother, nothing that concerns the welfare of her child is too much trouble; nothing is irksome, but everything is a joy, a joy that never wanes into mere duty. Such love is seen in the word of appreciation or praise, in the hope and encouragement offered to a stranger apparently weary and heavy-laden. Nothing is too small for the true sense of love, and nothing too great. The divine Love that cares for the sparrow cares also for worlds on worlds; and all of us may reflect divine Love in little kindnesses in everyday life. It is this quality of kindliness that marks the true Christian Scientist, a kindliness not for patients only, or for fellow Christian Scientists alone, but for all.

Our Leader's founding of the Christian Science church was the outcome of that mother-love which seeks out ways in which to protect and train the growing child, that it may be saved from the pitfalls and dangers of which it can know nothing, but which the mother can discern and forestall. In this organization the seeker after Truth is protected from the domination of human personality and the adulteration of the revealed truth. In it he may begin to learn something of the impersonal government of divine Principle, as given in the Manual of The Mother Church, and of the subordination of human will and self-seeking to the demands of divine Love.

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September 28, 1929

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