When I first heard of Christian Science I had been a...

When I first heard of Christian Science I had been a confirmed drunkard and smoker for nearly twenty years; and incredible as it may seem, I had not been sober for two years. I had often tried to conquer the craving for strong drink, but had failed utterly, and had become such a slave to it that I almost lived on it, taking very little else. Fear that I might sometime be unable to obtain drink has frequently caused me to hide bottles of beer in the ash bin. My habits had reduced me to a physical wreck, but even this was only a part of my misery.

For years our home had been a habitation of discord. My husband was a drunkard, and had frequently caused me very serious injuries when under the influence of drink. Finally he found it impossible to live with me, and left me saying he would never return. This caused me to be penniless, and at the time of which I write my only possessions were a pot of beer and the rags in which I was clad. My bed, furniture, and clothing had been sold or pawned to buy drink. The house in which I lived was empty, and although it was winter time I had neither food nor fire. My relatives and neighbors shunned me; and my loneliness and misery were such that I had tried to end my life, but had been prevented. Surely it would be difficult to picture a more hopeless creature than I was.

Testimony of Healing
It is with deepest gratitude that I testify to the healing...
March 24, 1928

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