The privilege of being a member of a household which...

The privilege of being a member of a household which studies and lives Christian Science is of inestimable value. It was mine, and although not appreciated at the time, the value of the Christian Science Sunday School and the training in the home did appear in later life, when the need was great.

As many young men do, I threw aside the opportunity to use the knowledge obtained, and marrying when rather young one who was opposed to Christian Science, I lived as materialistic a life as one could. Shortly after marriage a fortune became mine by inheritance. This gave greater oppartunity for evil to get in its work; for the money was not wisely spent. Doctors were called when illness appeared, and although "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy was in the house, it was never opened. A few years ago, loss of health, home, and money caused me to turn again to Christian Science, this time with serious study and earnest effort to get rid of the sin and sickness of which I was possessed. The healing of Bright's disease was accomplished in a very short time and without a knowledge of when it was healed. The loving help of a practitioner was given to me always with cheer and encouragement. In time, the tobacco, liquor, and profanity habits, and a quick temper, left me, with no desire to possess them again. Within two years after starting this study, I was admitted to membership in a branch church; for which I am truly grateful. My attitude toward life is entirely changed. I no longer sorrow over what were previously considered losses, but realize instead that true wealth, home, and living come from God. I am grateful for my experiences, for they have brought me invaluable knowledge. A recent attack of pleurisy was entirely healed by the application of Christian Science in three hours without the help of a practitioner; a previous attack under the care of a physician had confined me to bed for over two weeks, and to the home for about three weeks.

Testimony of Healing
Nine years ago I was in a hospital receiving medical...
March 24, 1928

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