Spiritual Thinking

JUST what constitutes spiritual thinking is a question which often troubles the student of Christian Science. Accepting, as he does, the truth that spiritualization of thought is the means of salvation, he immediately becomes concerned as to how this mental change is to be brought about. The teaching of Christian Science is very clear and distinct on this subject, but its very simplicity sometimes appears abstruse to the unenlightened thought, which perhaps has been mistakenly educated into believing that profound truths may be other than simple.

Paul taught that spiritual things must be spiritually discerned. Right here one difficulty may seem to arise, since men are not always quickly willing to turn from their ordinary modes of material thinking to that spiritual viewpoint which alone can perceive spiritually. On the way to the attainment of this spiritual vision the perfect premise of God, Spirit, as the one infinite divine Mind, and of man as the infinite spiritual expression of that Mind, must be accepted unconditionally. This point gained, it may readily be seen that spiritual thinking must be that which inheres in Spirit, Mind. Spiritual thoughts must, therefore, partake of the nature of Spirit; and how easy then to recognize that those thoughts which are good, pure, true, intelligent, loving, wise, must be spiritual. Whatsoever thoughts measure up to the divine nature must have originated in divine Mind, and their use by the individual may be denominated spiritual thinking.

"God-given dominion"
March 24, 1928

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