Unveiling Sin

What has caused ambiguity to surround the simple truth of Christ Jesus' teaching but the veil which the tempter has placed before men's eyes? What has obscured the vision except sin? And how is one to draw aside this veil, uncovering those sins which are causing mental confusion, and win salvation from them? These are some of the questions which arise in the thought of many who desire to know more about salvation as taught by Christian Science.

During past centuries, spiritual leaders have arisen who, perceiving somewhat of Truth, were able in the degree of their understanding to look beyond the veil, or illusion, of the flesh. But they did not leave definite rules of procedure for others to follow and apply to the practical affairs of life. Mary Baker Eddy, who saw Truth so clearly, has revealed the Science of Christianity, including the rules for right thinking as demonstrated by Christ Jesus, whereby we can prove, in the degree that we understand them, the teachings of the Master. To-day Christian Science is rending the veil by the same power of Truth which Jesus taught has always existed; and the proof that it is the same power rests upon the many demonstrations which have been and are being made through the application of its method.

Fidelity and Faith
January 7, 1928

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