It is a matter of regret to Christian Scientists that such a...

Daily Telegraph

It is a matter of regret to Christian Scientists that such a distinguished churchman and prelate should indulge in such an unfair and unprovoked attack on them and their religion as is reported in your issue of recent date. To say that Christian Scientists go about "with a sneer, and indulge in silly talk of pain and sickness and suffering being naught," is altogether to misrepresent the facts. The Christian Science church was founded by Mrs. Eddy, as she tells us in the Church Manual (p. 17), to "reinstate primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing." It is the success of Christian Science along these lines that is responsible for the remarkable growth of the organization.

Through the teachings of Christian Science its students are learning how, through right thinking, to avail themselves of the laws of the spiritual life, the existence of which our Lord indicated when he said, "I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." As they gain through the study of Christian Science an understanding of these spiritual laws, they find themselves being lifted out of fear and sin, and so out of suffering; for Christian Science emphasizes the teaching of the Bible that wrong thinking is the root cause of all suffering and discord. Our Lord often prefaced his healing work with the injunction, "Be not afraid;" and on other occasions he distinctly coupled disease with sin. This teaching is enabling Christian Scientists not only to "bear the trials and troubles of life," but in a great measure to overcome them, and is also proving that the kingdom of heaven, or harmony, is the spiritual reality and underlying fact of consciousness, as our Lord demonstrated throughout his whole earthly career.

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