It is generally accepted throughout the Christian world that Christ Jesus set the standard of living for all time. Many and varied, however, are the interpretations as to its exemplification in the daily life. Many people believe that in his wonderful life of service and sacrifice he did everything for them, and that all they have to do is to sit with folded hands and find complete satisfaction and salvation in that belief. Others feel that they have to retire from the normal activities of daily life into seclusion and pray that he will save them.

It is becoming more and more evident on all sides that Christian people are waking up to the fact that Christ Jesus taught and practiced the living truth, and that all progress towards the great and much longed-for goal of "on earth peace, good will toward men" must follow in our daily dealing with our fellow-men through an exercise of just those qualities which Jesus expressed, namely, divine qualities. What Jesus claimed for himself of good, he claimed equally for his brethren as the sons of God; and he consistently taught men so throughout his ministry. Jesus, moreover, proved the practicality of his teaching by bringing into the experience of all who came to him in need immediate amelioration of their distress, whatever its name or nature.

Unveiling Sin
January 7, 1928

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