Men readily admit that God is the creator of the universe, but they often fail to consider that with the creation is also the law to uphold and govern it. This law is the essence of purity, even as God's creation has not an element of evil in it. And the law enforced is equal to the elimination of every apparent discord. It would cease to be a law if it were not as fixed and invariable and powerful as God. God's will is law; therefore the perfect application of it is the rule whereby all evil is to be overcome.

In one's striving to overcome any phase of materiality, whether it be a sense of physical discord, inharmonious business conditions, or any error which seems to oppose Truth, the complete application must precede the manifestation that results from obedience to divine law. In the sacred, consecrated work of carrying on Christian Science church activities the same rule applies. Obedience to rules and by-laws and undeviating use of and prayerful adherence to the Manual of The Mother Church are necessary if true progress is to result. The unselfish and impersonal efforts of the membership will thereby reap the reward of spiritual growth, and find their church blessing the community.

Lord, Is It I?
January 7, 1928

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