For fifteen years I suffered from what doctors called...

For fifteen years I suffered from what doctors called neuralgia of the stomach. Materia medica failed to relieve it; and although prejudiced against Christian Science I finally decided to try it. Putting aside all previous beliefs and prejudices, as Mrs. Eddy tells us to do, I eventually came as a little child, willing to accept it, if it proved to be true. I had one treatment and the pain left me—never to return. That was twenty years ago.

I knew a change had taken place in my consciousness, and I commenced studying the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. Through it I realized that as the opposite of the real is unreal, the real has no opposite. Consequently, evil—Satan, death, matter, mortal mind—being the direct opposite of good, God, Life, Love, Spirit, divine Mind, is nothing but a lie. And we all know that if we believe a lie, it seems real to us as long as the belief lasts. John tells us: "Satan [the lie] ... deceiveth the whole world." And the world to this day is still being deceived. The only reason we are subject to sin, disease, and pain is the fact that we are still believing in the reality of these false claims.

Testimony of Healing
In October, 1922, I became aware of pain and a peculiar...
January 7, 1928

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