My attention has been drawn to a paragraph by a critic...


My attention has been drawn to a paragraph by a critic in the Eagle in which he alluded to Christian Science and said that "mind" will not heal an abscess or cure a cancer. The entire paragraph indicates that the critic does not recognize the distinction made by Christian Science between the human mind and the divine Mind. It also indicates that he has not happened to observe any of the many instances in which the practice of Christian Science, utilizing the power of divine Mind, has cured persons who were afflicted by abscess or cancer.

From time to time, The Christian Science Journal and the Christian Science Sentinel have published testimonies from a good many persons who have been healed by Christian Science of such disorders. For instance, there was in the Christian Science Sentinel for September 18, 1926, a testimony from a woman who was thus delivered from a bad case of cancer. To mention a different kind of case, I am personally acquainted with a woman now living in Boston who was healed by Christian Science of deformed feet.

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