I had always thought, before taking up the study of...

I had always thought, before taking up the study of Christian Science, that it could not heal physical disease or injuries, but was all right for so-called imaginary ills. Later, however, when I could not get any help from materia medica, having tried several methods of healing, I turned to Science for the healing of a severe illness of several months' standing. With the aid of a loving practitioner I was healed. The healing was very slow, but I am grateful this because I was required to study more faithfully, and in so doing was able to gain an understanding of the wonderful truth which Mrs. Eddy gave to mankind, and also of the ever-presence and all-power of our Father-Mother God.

Since this first healing I have studied Mrs. Eddy's writings very faithfully, also the Lesson-Sermon each day, and have had several wonderful proofs of God's care. I had two wonderful healings of injuries received while at work, and they caused me no pain or loss of employment. Also, I was healed almost instantaneously of influenza, with the aid of a very dear friend. I am most deeply grateful for a healing of indigestion which has taken place recently. I had suffered from this difficulty for a good many years. It would come and go at intervals and cause me much distress and pain. This finally disappeared as I gained a fuller understanding of the ever-presence and all-power of God and of His loving care and protection.

Testimony of Healing
It is with great joy that I give this testimony
April 16, 1927

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