Kindly permit me to correct the following statement...

Southwest Times

Kindly permit me to correct the following statement which appeared in an article on mental healing in your recent issue: "So many demonstrations of mind control over matter have been made in recent years that the science, fostered by Christian Scientists and psychiatrists, autosuggestion exponents, and even by broad-minded physicians of all schools, is growing apace." Undoubtedly the rapid growth of Christian Science and the marked success of its practitioners in healing all forms of sin and disease have given an impetus to public interest in the various schools of mental practice referred to, but that by no means signifies that Christian Science is similar to them, either in fundamentals or in practice. In fact, there are essential differences between Christian Science and each of the other methods mentioned.

Christian Science is first of all a religion founded upon the teachings of Christ Jesus; and Christian Scientists regard the healing of sin and disease by spiritual means as proof of their understanding of his teachings. In John we find this statement: "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also." Jesus evidently did not limit this promise to his immediate followers, nor did his disciples so interpret it; for history records that spiritual healing was practiced by the primitive Christian church for upwards of three hundred years after his ascension.

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